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Mumps by Mind Map: Mumps

1. The signs and symptoms of this disorder

1.1. pain in the inflammed parotid gland near the ear

1.2. parotitis

1.3. fever

2. The cause of this disorder

2.1. Viral infection that primarily affects the salivary glands

3. Diagnostic test

3.1. no test done

3.2. Doctor will examine the patient

3.2.1. look and feel

4. Patient a 10 year old girl

4.1. inflammed parotid gland near the ear

4.2. No abnormal medical history

4.2.1. common cold

4.3. Disease is not genetically demonstrated

4.4. no social history

5. Treatment for this disorder

5.1. no anti inflammatory medications to treat it

5.2. OTC-such as Ibuprofen, paracetamol

5.3. plenty of fluids

5.3.1. no acidic drinks fruit juice irritate parotid glands

5.4. cold compress to swollen glands

5.4.1. to help relieve pain

5.5. Eat food that don't require a lot of chewing

5.5.1. soup mashed potatoes scrambled eggs

6. No need for therapies

7. Prognosis

7.1. Patient should feel better after seven days

7.1.1. If symptoms don't improve contact provider