My New Mind Map

Lamar J
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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. I have also learnt since doing the preliminary task that this camera shot is also good for inidicating a conversation. This is from another angle and shows the conversation as a whole, as my experience has grown I would know how to apply this in a film opening but in my case havent as there isnt a convversation in my film opening.

2. I have learnt that this shot connects the narrative together; it distinguishes for the audience what happens. For instance I used this shot when introducing my first character as they entered the house and ran up the stairs. This shot consists of several and can vary in distance and movement it is important that the camera is sturdy in every instance to ensure it flows.

3. I have learnt since doing the preliminary task that this choice of shot indicates that there is a conversation happening in the best way. The fact that in my film opening I didnt have a scene consisting of conversation meant that I was unable to include the shot in my film opening.

4. Shot Reverse Shot

5. 180Degree Rule

6. Match On Action