HIM 500 2-2 Activity

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Cerner by Mind Map: Cerner

1. PharmacyConnect

1.1. Keeps track of the medication history of a patient as well as future visits to a pharmacy.

1.2. Communicates with other pharmacies in regards to medication being delivered for a patient.

2. AnesthesiaP30

2.1. Provides a patient's anesthetic information shared between the surgery and post recovery unit.

3. PowerChart

3.1. Locates inpatients if they're currently in a room or going through a procedure.

3.2. Can view a person's medical history/future appointments.

4. Capman30

4.1. Able to filter out patient attributes such as if they have COVID or are violent.

4.2. You can see where a patient is currently being transported to in the healthcare facility.

5. RevenueCycle

5.1. Uses patient information to make financial suggestions/decisions for them.

5.2. Just like PowerChart, it can view a person's medical history/future appointments.

6. IssueCollector

6.1. Detects any system issues that Cerner may have

6.2. You can also report these issues to IT

7. MTA

7.1. Troubleshoots any reported issues to try and fix Cerner