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The USA by Mind Map: The USA

1. The Mid-Atlantis

1.1. The muscle of USA, the region's largest states,

1.2. Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania: the seat of the Continental Congress

1.3. rivers =>shipping lanes

1.4. New York City: the nation's largest city, financial and cultural center.

2. The Southwest

2.1. Open space; mostly deserte

2.1.1. The drier weather

2.1.2. Low population density, ethnicity

2.2. Apart that used to belong to mexico =>belong to America (Mexican-AmericanWar of 1846-48)

2.3. Population growth depends on the dam and the air conditioner

2.4. Open space; mostly desert

3. The West

3.1. Sparse population

3.2. Much of the land belong to the goverment

3.3. Bordering the pacific seas

3.4. 1840's, moving west to find gold; exploding population

3.5. Alaska and Hawaii: the two final states of the US

3.5.1. Alaska: a peninsula located in the reserve

3.5.2. Hawaii: an archipelago

4. New England

4.1. Including:Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

4.1.1. The earliest Europeans: the smallest strict religious Puritans => fishing, shipbuilding, and trade

4.2. Education take an important role :IVY league, including Harvard and Yale

5. The Midwest

5.1. A broad collection of states sweeping westward

5.1.1. A flat farmland Friendly and straightforward The region's hub :Chicago; Illinoi: the nation's third largest city; Great Lakes port : connecting point for boats, trains and air traffic.

6. The South

6.1. Well known for culture, music and food

6.1.1. A long growing season:crop patterns, the plantation system, and black agricultural labor, whether slave or free diverse national heritage The fastest growing areas in the US; Houston =>the largest city