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USA by Mind Map: USA

1. What is the colour of the flag?

1.1. It's red, blue and white. It also has small white stars

2. What is a common male name?

2.1. James is the most common name in 1990

3. What is a common female name?

3.1. Mary is the most common name in 1990

4. How big is the population?

4.1. In total, are the 15541139 population.

5. How is the climate?

5.1. In the U.S., there may be several different natural disasters.

6. The biggest – mountain, lake, town, tree, man

6.1. Mountain - Mount Mckinley Lake - Great Salt Lake Town - New York Tree - The Grizzly Giant Man - George Rene Francis

7. Animals in the nature


8. What is the capital

8.1. New York

9. How many states are there

9.1. 52

10. How many inhabitants are there in the capital of the United States

10.1. 15541139

11. What U.S.A known for?

11.1. USA is known Statue of Liberty, big buildings and beautiful and maybe football