My Dangerous 4th of July

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My Dangerous 4th of July by Mind Map: My Dangerous 4th of July

1. Piss off Relatives

1.1. Insult sister's deviled eggs

1.2. Tell Mom how stupid her dog is

1.3. Show nephew how to take apart fireworks to make your own.

2. Go to the Hospital

2.1. Food Poisoning

2.2. Sparkler accident

2.3. Drunk driving

2.4. lighting fireworks inside a car

3. Be a Redneck

3.1. Have a competition to see how many Jeff Foxworthy stunts you can do based on the "You might be a redneck if...."

3.2. Light fireworks inside your trailer house

3.3. Light fireworks under your trailer house

4. Red State Dangerous Activities

5. Blue State Dangerous Activities