Seeds of Change

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Seeds of Change by Mind Map: Seeds of Change

1. Potatoes

1.1. First grown in the Andes

1.2. Inca cultivated potatoes

1.2.1. It was their most important plant

1.3. Spanish originally didn't want to eat potatoes because they were not in the bible

1.4. Eventually the countries in Europe accepted potatoes

1.4.1. Ireland grow almost all one kind of potatoe

1.4.2. When a disease whipped out all the potatoes Many people died

1.5. Potatoes are being grown more today, to help feed the hungry

2. Corn

2.1. Indians cultivated corn in North America

2.2. 40% of the worlds corn is grown in the U.S.A.

2.3. Indigenous to the Americas

2.4. Caused a population boom in Europe

2.5. Brought to Europe by Portuguese and Italians

3. Sugarcane

3.1. Sugarcane production drove by Europe

3.2. African slaves used for sugar plantations

3.2.1. Only after they ran out natives

3.3. Sugercane was made unprofitable by sugar beets

3.4. Native to the Carribean

4. Disease

4.1. 500 Years ago most Europeans didn't live past 15

4.2. Many of these disease where from Asia

4.3. Small Pox killed many

5. Horses

5.1. 10,000 years ago horses lived in America, Europe, and Asia

5.1.1. In 4000 B.C. Horses are extinct in America

5.2. After traveling the world horses became popular in europe

5.3. Horses were brought overseas on ships

5.3.1. Caribbean natives started raising and selling horses

5.4. Indians used horses for travel, hunting, and protection

5.5. Pueblo Revolt 1680

5.6. Horses uses now are things like farming, games, sports, and pets

6. Other Seeds

6.1. Exchanges

6.1.1. some exchanges are positive some negative A negative effect was the Europeans bringing diseases to the Native Americans

6.1.2. Columbus started a 500 year trade when he crossed the Atlantic Ex. of exchanges are plants, animals, slaves, technology, knowledge,and diseases