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The Most Followed Pinterest Users by Mind Map: The Most Followed Pinterest Users
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The Most Followed Pinterest Users

Pinners with 1,000-1,199 Pinterest Followers

Elizabeth Jones

Leisa Corbett

Sandy Lehmann

Go Rustic

Alicia Post

Pinners with 1,200-1,299 Pinterest Followers

Rachel Hare

Edward Upton

Kristen P

Susan Fairall

Pinners with 1,400-1,599 Pinterest Followers

Pin The World

Treo Vey

Lisa Highfield

Grzegorz Bunda

Lynda Swanson

Pinners with 1,600-1,999 Pinterest Followers

Lauri Stavale

Marcie Fleischman

Rene Aguilar


Lori Sorrentino

Nancy Pimental

Elena Davidov

Meredith Krugel

Pinners with 2,000-2,399 Pinterest Followers

Thressa Lambert

Joanne Clark

Lisa S

Allen Stern

Denise Pratt

Pinners with 2,500-2,999 Pinterest Followers

Phyllis Ramsey

Indy Boot Camp

angela peck

{skin, food, & wellness coach}

Constant Contact

Brenda F

Pinners with 3,000-3,600 Pinterest Followers

Bob Armstrong

Debi Fuell

Maggie LeFleur

Roz Corieri Paige

Pinners with 3,800-3,900 Pinterest Followers

Mary Moody

Clarice Hurst

Everyday Wisdom

Jevel Wedding Planning

Stephanie Stack

Pinners with 4,000-5,999 Pinterest Followers

Sanya Janice

Cindy Johnson

Awesome Japan

Tami Wycoff

Pinners with 5,999 to 9,999 Pinterest Followers

Vibranz Health

All About Massagers

Letrecivette fattoamano


Sherry Chickowski

Pinners with 10K-90K Pinterest Followers

Whole Living

We're Whole Living magazine: Body + Soul in balance. Health, happiness, wellness, food & green living. (A Martha Stewart publication.)

Every Day with Rachael Ray

Power of Pinterest Book

Susan Kraner

Adam Houlahan


Grace Ray

lesMoutaines Bêêêêê


Pinners with 100k-900k Pinterest Followers

Erin Loechner

Xixi Hu

Ash Huang

Martha Stewart Living

DK Daniels

Pinners with 1 million and more Pinterest followers

Jane Wang


Sha Hwang

Mike Hill

Earmark Social Bridgette S.B

Hello & welcome to my boards! Thanks for stopping by! I love all things beautiful & creative. From food to funnies I pin it all! Enjoy! Partner/Director of Creativity at