Writing a Persuasive Essay

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Writing a Persuasive Essay by Mind Map: Writing a Persuasive Essay

1. 2. Introduction

1.1. Choose a relevant hook

1.2. Provide a generic background

1.3. Include your thesis statement towards the end

1.4. Keep it brief

1.5. Stay persuasive

2. 3. Explain Why

2.1. Why should your audience feel the same as you?

2.2. What would benefit your reader from siding with you?

2.3. Back up your case with facts and statistics

3. 4. Counterclaim

3.1. Address what the opposing side believes.

3.2. Explain how that point of view is incorrect.

3.3. Allow the reader to understand that you’ve taken the other side’s beliefs into consideration.

4. 5. Your own opinions

4.1. Find scholarly articles that agree with your stance

4.2. Be empathetic to what you are persuading the reader about.

4.3. Ask rhetorical questions.

4.4. Include examples on what would happen if more people agreed with your stance.

5. 6. Conclusion

5.1. Restate your thesis

5.2. Summarize main points you listed in your “explain why” paragraph

5.3. Allow the reader to think “What’s next?” after reading your final sentence.

5.4. Include a call to action or recommendation.

6. 1. Consider your audience

6.1. Who is going to be reading your essay?

6.2. What is your average audience age range?

6.3. If you feel your desired audience won’t be reading your essay, write from a different perspective.