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TLM Business by Mind Map: TLM Business

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Business Owners

1.2. Trans People

1.3. Trans Lives Matter

1.4. LGB leaders

1.5. Seattle City

1.6. Microenterprise Nonprofits

2. Notes

3. Project Information

3.1. Definition

3.1.1. Microenterprise

3.1.2. trans identified

3.2. Items to be Delivered

3.2.1. 15 weeks of business training topics: planning marketing laws Finance/Cash Flow Ethics

3.2.2. free GSBA membership to graduates includes mentoring networking

3.2.3. Start of a trans business ownership network meet & greet for teachers bringing trans people in whenever possible. Talks, social services, etc. possibility of an organization?

3.2.4. increasing confidence in money handling abilities

3.2.5. Help accessing social services

3.2.6. survey of needs

3.2.7. building economic capacity

3.3. Extent

3.3.1. Excluded Start up loans technology gifts Money for shelter & other basic needs

4. Schedule

4.1. Project Start

4.1.1. Project specifications

4.1.2. End User requirements

4.1.3. Action points sign-off

4.2. Development Stage 1

4.2.1. Define actions as necessary

4.3. Development Stage 2

5. Timeline

5.1. Schedule

5.1.1. one night a week for 15 weeks

5.1.2. Either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday

5.2. Budget

5.2.1. around $4500 for four classes

5.3. Resources

5.3.1. Me being willing to go

5.3.2. Trans business owners willing to teach

5.3.3. GSBA mentors & membership

5.3.4. Ingersoll

5.4. Delays

5.4.1. Been delayed for two years due to lack of funds

5.4.2. No space

6. Limitations

6.1. Budget (need appprox. $4,000

6.1.1. 15 weeks curriculum from NXLevel. 8 weeks online. NXLevel costs money Free Curriculum has uncertain topics. How much will they learn?

6.1.2. Budget covers curriculum only Budget does not cover Food Space Rental Bus/Transportation Funds Wrap around services

6.2. lack of place to hold it

6.2.1. Building must be accessible GSBA QYS Church?

6.3. very small organization

6.4. narrow time windows for programs due to health issues

6.5. Not many successful trans business owners

7. Actions

7.1. Define Project Schedule

7.1.1. Dependencies Can't be done without funds Been turned down for five grants so far

7.1.2. Milestones 38 people apply. At least three blind/low vision people apply Two seats filled by trans people of color One seat filled by trans youth One seat filled by trans disabled person?

7.2. Limitations

7.2.1. Scheduling Have to take my own health & needs into account from the start No Sunday class. Church & rest No Friday class. Rest.

7.2.2. Budget Will have to keep looking for funding every year Means continuous grant writing/fundraising Perhaps people will set up sponsorship after year one

7.2.3. Recruiting Must reach out to more than white trans people trans POC trans people with disabilities trans youth sex workers How far out to go? All over Seattle North end South End Where to go? Drag Shows Community org events Social Services Groups Faith Communities Bars Youth orgs Online Recruiting Application Online Chat Sessions Second Life Sessions

7.3. Achievement Measures

7.3.1. Participant Related 38 people will apply for program 4 out of 7 graduate better understanding of business skills on self reported before and after quiz

7.3.2. Teacher Related 10 out of 15 teachers will be trans identified Starting to build a network of trans business owners developing mentors

7.3.3. Community Related Graduates will join GSBA and find mentors Trans people will begin to find spaces in the larger LGB community

7.3.4. Trans Lives Matter Related Will strengthen our relationship with GSBA and WA CASH Will find funding for year two of the program when year one is half over Will have increased recruiting in trans communities of color.