A way to (monitor, incentivise) regulate activity to minimize recurrence of DFUs

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A way to (monitor, incentivise) regulate activity to minimize recurrence of DFUs by Mind Map: A way to (monitor, incentivise) regulate activity to minimize recurrence of DFUs

1. Solutions

1.1. smaller boot; the current problem is that it is not removable..; very heavy

1.2. small band around to read temperature and pressure reading make sure we wear the boot.

1.3. app ; on how much they walk; how much pressure;

1.4. exercise, just the top part,

1.5. VR gaming to mimic walking, going to places while the healing occurs.

1.6. sponge like sole; with medicine.

1.7. sock; a mat, they have to brush and shower at least twice a day.

2. Key Stakeholders

2.1. Phase

2.2. Phase

2.3. Phase

3. Scope

3.1. Included

3.2. Excluded

4. Standing is way worse than walking

5. Problems

5.1. Neuropathic disorder causes poor sensation which results in pressure ulcer formation

5.1.1. Needs Develop a sensor which warns user of dangerous pressure range

5.2. Poor compliance in adhering to reduced activity along with usage of medical equipment leads to greater chance of recurrence

5.2.1. Needs create either more comfortable DFU footwear or create an incentive based system for users to look for opportunities to reduce and measure their daily activity

5.3. Difficult for clinicians to constantly monitor the health of the patient

5.3.1. Needs Make use of cloud based software for both 2 way communication between patient and doctor as well as an easy way for both sides to keep track of the condition of the DFU

5.4. Total contact cast are not easily removable whereas removable casts have only 26% usage

5.4.1. Needs a solution that is of good compliance

6. Why people walk?

6.1. Doing chores

6.2. Job.

6.3. To relax

6.4. Personal needs, buy food.

7. Constraints

7.1. Budget

7.2. People

7.3. Assets

8. Case study tech (Motus smart boot) Similar to a Total contact cast Benefits: 1: Removable similar to a roller blade 2: Real time tracking via smart software which measures distance walked, time travelled and also time wearing Motus smart boot 3: Pressure sensing insole which corroborate with phone app (gives clinician valuable data) 4: Combination of Offloading device combined with tracking software Link: https://sensoriahealth.com/diabetic-foot-ulcer-boot/

9. Case study tech (Smart Mat) Developed in USA, It is a remote temperature monitoring foot mat, by relying on infrared sensors this help to detect high temperature zones which promote regions of inflammation. By spending 20seconds a day on the mat, the measurements are sent to cloud. Critical data sends a prompt to the clinician. Podimetrics uses that threshold, programming its mat to monitor the whole foot and note areas that are 2.2 C hotter than other areas. Once alerted, physicians call the patient, telling them to keep off their feet until the temperature dies down. Or they can set up an appointment. Benefits: 1: Detect minute spikes in temperature (indicator for ulcer formation) around the foot. 2: Link:https://news.mit.edu/2017/smart-mat-detects-early-warning-signs-diabetic-foot-ulcers-0816#:~:text=Caption%3A-,The%20smart%20mat%20is%20equipped%20with%20sensors%20that%20detect%20minute,are%20sent%20to%20the%20cloud .