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Google Analytics by Mind Map: Google Analytics

1. Home

1.1. Real-Time

1.1.1. Overview

1.1.2. Locations

1.1.3. Traffic Sources

1.1.4. Content

1.2. Intelligence Events

1.2.1. Overview

1.2.2. Daily Events

1.2.3. Weekly Events

1.2.4. Monthly Events

1.3. Dashboards

1.3.1. New Dashboard

1.4. Shortcuts

1.4.1. Overview

2. Standard Reporting

2.1. Audience

2.1.1. Overview

2.1.2. Demographics Language Location

2.1.3. Behavior New vs Returning Frequency & Recency Engagement

2.1.4. Technology Browser & OS Network

2.1.5. Mobile Overview Devices

2.1.6. Custom Custom Variables User Defined

2.1.7. Visitors Flow

2.2. Advertising

2.2.1. AdWords Campaigns Keywords Matched Search Queries Day Parts Destination URLs Placements Keyword Positions

2.3. Traffic Sources

2.3.1. Overview

2.3.2. Sources All Traffic Direct Referrals Search Overview Organic Paid Campaigns

2.3.3. Search Engine Optimization Queries Landing Pages Geographical Summary

2.3.4. Social Overview Network Referrals Landing Pages Conversions Plugins Visitors Flow

2.3.5. Cost Analysis

2.4. Content

2.4.1. Overview

2.4.2. Site Content All Pages Content Drilldown Landing Pages Exit Pages

2.4.3. Site Speed Overview Page Timings User Timings

2.4.4. Site Search Overview Usage Search Terms Pages

2.4.5. Events Overview Top Events Pages Events Flow

2.4.6. AdSense Overview AdSense Pages AdSense Referrers

2.4.7. Experiments

2.4.8. In-Page Analytics

2.5. Conversions

2.5.1. Goals Overview Goal URLs Reverse Goal Path Funnel Visualization Goal Flow

2.5.2. Ecommerce Overview Product Performance Sales Performance Transactions Time to Purchase

2.5.3. Multi-Channel Funnels Overview Assisted Conversions Top Conversion Paths Time Lag Path Length

3. Custom Reporting

3.1. Custom Reports

4. Admin

4.1. Account Administration

4.1.1. Properties Profiles Assets Users Goals Filters Profile Settings Tracking Info Property Settings Social Settings Remarketing Lists Custom Definitions

4.1.2. Users

4.1.3. Filters

4.1.4. Data Sources

4.1.5. Account Settings