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Legal Sources by Mind Map: Legal Sources

1. Material

1.1. Legislations

1.1.1. It's the creation of the laws

1.2. Judicial Precedence

1.2.1. Ratio Decidendi Decide the reason for a decision made in an earlier case. Understanding how the hierarchy of the court controls the functioning of the system.

1.3. Treaties

1.3.1. agreement, pact, or exchange of letters between two or more countries approved and signed by the leaders.

1.4. Customs

1.4.1. regular pattern or behavior, which is considered a characteristic of the judgment of right and wrong

2. Formal

2.1. Law

2.1.1. Rules stablished for the correct functioning of the norms.

2.2. Commerce code

2.2.1. Rules established for the enterprises to regulate the relations between merchants

2.3. Special laws

2.3.1. Rules used to complement the commerce code.

3. Processes whose purpose is the creation of legal norms and interpretation of: law, the commerce code, Special laws in commercial matters

4. Helps us to know the historical significance and the need for such development of law.

5. Decisions given by foreign courts

6. Law, Legal Procedence, Practices

7. sources from which the law gets its content or matter, but not its validity

8. Historical

8.1. What happened in the past

8.2. Roman Law

8.3. Opinion of jurists