She says she'll lose her job session 3

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She says she'll lose her job session 3 by Mind Map: She says she'll lose her job session 3

1. step 11

1.1. Review and evaluate

1.2. Group members

1.3. Chairman

1.4. Scribe

1.5. Tutor

1.6. Material

1.7. 10 minutes

2. Step 9

2.1. Review session 3

2.2. visualize the data and theory

2.3. discuss previous objectives

2.3.1. how to determine axonal loss --> EMG

2.3.2. Sensitivity and specificity of the tests

2.4. 20 minutes

3. Step 10

3.1. Management (for the individual)

3.1.1. conservative therapy wrest splinting during sleep limit the activities that raise the pressure mild to moderate cases only No significant difference between night and all day use neutral - 20 degrees extension 1-3 months custom made by specialist is recommended steroid risks proximal or distal once every 6 months, 2 times 4-12 weeks of symptom relief (short term) reduced inflammation oral steroids 2-4 weeks (short term use) or 10 days injection is more recommended NSAIDs no significant effect not recommended modification of activities in mild cases Yoga limited evidence for pain control ultra sound low intensity 0.5 watt/cm2 for soft tissue healing dilating bv and helping in the healing process high intensity for pain reduction, increase tissue elasticity 1.5 watt/cm2 takes long time so you might lose follow up with the patient deep is more effective than superficial limited data carpal bone mobilization realignment of bones at wrest so there will be less compression at the medial nerve manipulation therapy good relief of pain limited data

3.1.2. surgery more effective performed in out patient setting with localized anesthesia complications progressive thenar muscle atrophy vacular or nerve injuries wound infections for severe cases or failing of conservative therapy open carpal tunnel release standard or limited incision toward the med line longitudinal cut more scarring later return to work stretching the carpal tunnel fascia gives better view to see other tumors or masses Mini open carpal tunnel release endoscopic carpal tunnel release can't detected masses one or two openings better recovery and less scarring

3.1.3. follow up once monthly at least educating the patient

3.2. Prevention (for the population)

3.2.1. screening for high risk jobs

3.2.2. modifying the environment

3.2.3. losing wight

3.2.4. changing the job

3.2.5. wearing a splint for 2 night before heavy use

3.2.6. reduce salt intake

3.3. 60 minutes