Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by Mind Map: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

1. What?

1.1. Platform for Relationship Management

1.2. Implementation in business

1.3. Database

1.4. Company information

1.5. Management platform

2. Relevance

2.1. Usability

2.2. Concise ideas

2.3. Grouping all information

2.4. Ease of use

2.5. Vast platform, many possibilities

2.6. Improves efficiency

3. Main functions

3.1. Sales Page

3.2. Marketing Page

4. 5 Reports

4.1. 1) Opportunities by Sales Stage

4.1.1. Gives a chart overview of opportunities in sales stage. This in term gives a clear sight on which opportunities are worth it or not with clear numbers/charts.

4.2. 2) Tasks

4.2.1. There can be a report with how every task was handled, so there's a clear image of the work done in a certain period of time.

4.3. 3) Calls

4.3.1. Allows to see the biggest clients, where calls were mostly done to, which countries, ... Along with any needed information. All using the database so if everything was well input, nothing should escape the report.

4.4. 4) Project

4.4.1. Overview of all the projects, due dates and if the goals could be met or not.

4.5. 5) E-mail adresses

4.5.1. Shows all the email adresses, if they are opted in or out of the system and if they are still valid.

5. 3 Critical success factors

5.1. Adoption (not fragmented, make every employee use it)

5.1.1. Actively involve end users

5.2. Implementation in the company/business (well used)

5.2.1. Align business with IT goals

5.3. Clarity of the system

5.3.1. Measure, monitor, track

6. Motivate usage of CRM solution in Sales management

6.1. Decreases work encumbering

6.2. Centralized access point of information (great overview system)

6.3. Needs a bit of training, but not too complex

6.4. Usable for the whole sales department (and others)

6.5. Efficiency gets a boost

6.6. If well implemented, will decrease unnecessary work