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1. Thoughts about technology before

1.1. The word "Technology" brings to mind a number to devices which make human living easy. Either to solve a number of problems of people or as a source of entertainment.

1.1.1. Smart Phones

1.1.2. Laptops

1.1.3. Television

1.1.4. Hospital Machines

1.1.5. Online Shopping

1.1.6. Schedule Arrangement

2. Change In Thoughts After Studying Technology

2.1. After studying different types of definitions about technology it represents that "technology" does not have any kind of boundaries. If we see our surrounding technology is present in each and every thing. Even for developing and designing small things "technology" is used. A great technological evolution has taken place with the passage of time and occupied a unparalleled in the world. Technology is not only about laptops or mobiles. There are millions of things coming under a single word "technology".

2.1.1. Healthcare Technology The production of drugs and medications, and the use of x-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds which are tools used to look in the body for ailments. Ventilators are another type of medical technology, and are used to assist people in breathing. As compared to the past the healthcare or medical technology has improved a lot.

2.1.2. Fashion and technology With the passage of time beauty standards has changed a lot. Now a days people does not want to see inner beauty they look after outer beauty. To match the standards of society a number of people have done plastic surgeries not only on their faces but also on their bodies. According to Rachel Arthur Fashion industry covers approximately 2% of world's GDP and employs 60 Millions of people. In the feature it is imagined to have wearable technology.

2.1.3. Education If we look at resources "pen" was the very first technology invented by inventor name "László Bíró" who invented a ball point pen. . In ancient time around 30,000 B.C. cave drawing was used for learning. Whereas, it was replaced by Pyhagoras Academy in 510 B.C. Nowadays virtual classrooms works instead of radios (1920), Film Strip Projector(1930) and Audio Visual Age(1940).

2.1.4. Film Industry In 1891 a short moving pictures were invented by " The Edison Company". A Camera which was a combination of a projector and a film printer was invented by The Lumière brothers in December 1895 Paris, France. Camera's Golden Age begin with early 1930s . In Britain in 1946, with over 31 million visits to the cinema each week. Today, most of people use televisions to watch movies.

3. Need Of New Technology

3.1. The impact of technology on our lives is higher than we expect. In reality, technology has played a very important role in how we live in the world today and how we communicate in the atmosphere with everything around us. So we are developing new innovations to live in a better and standardized life. Few of advanced technologies which we need because of below shown factors.

3.1.1. Flexibility Advancements in technology have meant we are living in a world which is constantly switched on and as a result our work lives are too. But whilst these innovations to some extent have taken us beyond the traditional nine-to-five, technology is also making our lives much more flexible, allowing us to have more control over where and when we work.

3.1.2. Security Today, with the touch of a button, security professionals are uploading detailed incident reports with images in real-time. The appropriate contacts – such as the security company, manager and client – can be notified instantly. Taking this another step further, the data is analyzed, trends are identified and future predictions are formed. This means that security can better prepare for risks and trends unique to each region, individual site’s location, industry and more. With just this one example – moving from paper and pencil to computers and internet-connected smartphones – we can see how security service companies are already responding to, and expanding upon, other technological advancements. Over time, these advancements have accelerated rapid growth in the industry and the role of security has been elevated as a result. "Shifting the focus of security from the technical hygiene of code and configuration to self defending data will save time and resources while unlocking rapid and safe innovation. Defense in depth and the control design we have learned from engineering methodologies will finally catch up to the dynamic nature of software. The better analogies will become biological - the immune system or the combination of organ systems like circulatory and respiratory. Independent and constantly evolving but stronger operating together in the same superorganism.” - Royal Hansen, Vice President, Security

3.1.3. The next generation Robotics The growth of robotics will also affect the service industry. In a recent report from Berg Insight, the service robot base is expected to install 264.3 million units by 2026. In 2016, 29.6 million service robots were installed worldwide. Currently, humanoid robots are excelling in the medical industry, especially as companion robots.At Columbia University, engineers are finding new ways to replicate human muscle. They have created a synthetic muscle that can lift a thousand times its own weight, push, pull, bend, and twist. The muscle is a 3D printed mixture of silicone rubber matrix with ethanol distributed throughout in micro-bubbles, and does not require an external compressor or high voltage electrical equipment to operate. The muscle is electrically moved by using a thin resistive wire and is low-power (only 8 V).