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Henry VIII by Mind Map: Henry VIII

1. When?

1.1. Before 1527

1.1.1. Establish his credentials as a monarch of European standing

1.1.2. Warrior king

1.2. From 1527

1.2.1. Dominated by Kings Great matter and need to protect he had taken

1.2.2. Focus on divorce and break from Rome

1.3. 1540s

1.3.1. Revival of personal obsession with winning territory in France led to miss handle opportunities

1.3.2. Free to be a warrior king Great matter had been sorted and restored back to concillor

2. Why important?

2.1. Nobility

2.1.1. Size of peerages increased

2.1.2. Property given to nobles to enable them to exert royal authority in particular areas

2.1.3. Promoted two non-royal ducal titles

2.2. Gentry

2.2.1. Increase in number of gentry

2.2.2. Increase in JPs (justices of peace)

2.2.3. Many of the gentry were being drawn into unpaid administration

2.3. Commoners

2.3.1. Little change in standard of living of commoners during first half of reign

2.3.2. Rise of inflation lead to drop in real incomes

2.4. Regional issues

2.4.1. Local loyalties stronger than national ones

3. Achievements

3.1. Exploration

3.1.1. Henry was uninterested in exploration so made not attempt to build upon previous exploration

3.2. Prosperity and depression

3.2.1. England was economically healthy Population began to grow Agricultural prices rose significantly (increase in farming incomes) Debasement of coinage created short term artificial bomb

3.2.2. Wasn’t healthier,expansive and optimistic Bad harvests led to temporary but significant food price increase Real wages began to decline Assessment for subsidies indicated considerable urban poverty

4. Who

4.1. Early life and preparation for kingship

4.1.1. Didn't receive much political education

4.1.2. Childhood spent with sisters and mother

4.1.3. Mother and grandmother were big role in his life

4.1.4. Surrounded by women and separated from brother

4.1.5. Life change when his brother and mother died and his sister left for Scotland

4.2. Personality, talents and interests

4.2.1. Egotistic

4.2.2. Influenced by the fashionable ideas of chivalry

4.2.3. Wasn't interested by finance

4.2.4. influenced by humanist thoughts

4.2.5. Mainly interested in sports

4.2.6. Good musician

4.2.7. studied French, Latin, Arithmetic, Astronomy and History.

4.3. Aims and priorities on taking throne

4.3.1. Marriage Need for male Heir

4.3.2. Rejected his father approach of defensive foreign policy

4.3.3. restore faith in crown

4.3.4. Wanted to be imperial king

5. Family

5.1. Councilor 1509-1514

5.2. Thomas Wolsey 1514-1529

5.3. Conciliar 1529-1532

5.3.1. Thomas More became chancellor He was sympathetic towards Cathrine of Aragon Persecuted Protestants

5.4. Thomas Cromwell 1532-1540

5.5. Conciliar 1540-1547

5.5.1. Factions Conservatives Reformers