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EPS Training by Mind Map: EPS Training

1. Class #1 week 1

1.1. Basics of EPS

1.1.1. Each Tab

1.1.2. How to upload a property

1.1.3. Tools tab

1.1.4. Music

1.1.5. Broadcast my move for buyers

1.1.6. Hits report

1.2. Homework

1.2.1. Upload new photo's

1.2.2. Change the template to see which ones they like

1.2.3. Find music they like

1.2.4. Where they can listen to the classes to listen to the 8 classes that are there and how important it is

1.2.5. Download all the power points and start a binder of AMM

1.2.6. Get a craigslist account

1.3. Results In Advance

1.3.1. Listing Presentations Text Capture example to their phone What ever it takes to make you look good above and beyond the competition

1.4. Phone call from LO

1.5. Ask for business

2. Class 3 week 3

2.1. How to post to craigslist

2.2. Login with their login and password

2.3. Open house flyers

2.3.1. Training on open house Spokes person off and on

2.4. Marketing Flip books

2.5. Who are your clients, what is your target market

2.6. Gmail basics

2.7. Jingproject

2.8. Join.me

2.9. Phone call from LO

2.10. Google docs

2.11. Ask for business

3. Class 5 week 5

3.1. How do I drive traffic to my site

3.1.1. Hits report Jing it for them Weekly or Monthly

3.2. Property Blogging

3.2.1. http://www.googlekeywordtool.com/

3.3. Ask for business

4. Week 7

4.1. Goal and a plan in place

4.1.1. Clarity

4.2. Where do you find these people

4.3. where did you last 5 deals come from

4.4. Whats your team like

4.5. Do you have an assistant

4.6. Do you partner with another agent

4.7. Borrower listings

4.8. Fsbo

4.9. Builders

4.10. Database management

4.11. Postcards

4.12. Ask for business

5. Week 8 Social media Overview

5.1. Social Media

5.1.1. Need login and password Facebook Hour training Pinterest Hour Training Youtube Hour Training If you don't have one of the social medias get it

5.2. Follow others who are using social media

6. Week 2

6.1. Follow up with invite to AMM training

6.1.1. Ask for business

7. Week 4

7.1. Follow up with invite to AMM training

7.1.1. Ask for business

8. Week 6

8.1. Follow up with invite to AMM training

8.1.1. Ask for business