Deep Venous Thrombus

Mind Map of DVT or Deep Venous Thrombosis

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Deep Venous Thrombus by Mind Map: Deep Venous Thrombus

1. Treatment

1.1. Non malignant

1.1.1. Surgical Bypass

1.1.2. thrombolysis

1.1.3. stents

1.1.4. balloon angioplasty

1.2. Malignant

1.2.1. Radiation

1.2.2. surgery

1.2.3. diuretics

1.2.4. steroids, and anti coagulants

2. Pathophysiology

2.1. Venous Stasis

2.2. Venous Endothelial Damage

2.3. Hypercoagulable States

3. Patients at Risk

3.1. Genetic Risk from Family

3.1.1. V.Leiden Mutation

3.1.2. Prothrombin mutations

3.1.3. deficiencies of protein C and S

3.1.4. antihrombin problems

3.2. Trauma or surgical patients

3.3. Pregnancy or patients with other highly coagulable states

4. Treatments

4.1. Anti coagulation therapy Low Molecular weight Heparin

4.1.1. Requires Hospitalization

4.1.2. Can be Dangerous

4.2. Thrombolytic Therapy

4.2.1. Not indicated in all patients can be dangerous for some patients. Must determine if risk out way benefits

4.3. Inferior Vena Cava Filter Insertion

4.3.1. surgical Procedure

5. Superior Vena Cava Syndrome

5.1. Definition

5.1.1. progressive occlusion of the superior vena cava, that leads to venous distention in the upper extremities and head

5.2. Causes

5.2.1. Bronchial cancer

5.2.2. less common Tuberculosis cystic Fibrosis and mediastinal fibrosis

5.3. Clinical Presentation

5.3.1. Edema in the upper extremities and face including the ocular beds

5.3.2. Feeling of fullness in head and neck

5.3.3. skin may become purple and taut

5.3.4. May have respiratory Distress from edema in bronchial structures

5.4. Diagnosis and Treatment

5.4.1. Chest X-ray

5.4.2. Doppler ultasonography

5.4.3. Computed tomography CT or MRI

6. Clinical Presentation

6.1. Swelling in extremity behind the occlussion

6.2. Sometimes patients complain of pain but usually no actual pain at site of occlusion because it is in a deep vein.

6.3. Heat and redness and edema in the extremity below the thrombus

7. Definitions

7.1. Thrombus-- a blood clot that attaches to a vessel wall

7.2. Thromboembolus- A detached Thrombus

7.3. DVT Deep Venous Thrombus- thrombus that occludes the deep vessels of the lower extremities or Upper Extremities