Human Environment

Tan Fen
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Human Environment by Mind Map: Human Environment

1. Components of human environment

1.1. Population

1.1.1. total number of people living in a place

1.2. Communication

1.2.1. transmit and receive infomation and messages fom long distance

1.3. Settlement

1.3.1. places where people find fresh water and food and make a living

1.4. Agriculture

1.4.1. cultivation of crops and rearing of livestok for food and raw materials

1.5. Transport

1.5.1. movement of people and goods by vehicles,ships, train and planes. includes routes and services

2. Physical environment

3. Human activities

3.1. Rapid population growth

3.1.1. increase in the no. of people more land needed for farms, settlements and transport clearing of forests to meet the needs of people

3.2. Technological advances

3.2.1. knowledge, skills and tools people use to do work brought about Industrial Revolution in Europe and North America shift from traditional agriculture society to one that is based on production of manufactured goods using technology and machines