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Hanwha CRM by Mind Map: Hanwha CRM

1. Company

1.1. Company Type

1.1.1. End-user

1.1.2. Distributor Tier 1 Tier 2

1.1.3. Channel Partner Authorized Silver Gold

1.1.4. A&E Partner

1.1.5. Application Partner

1.1.6. Technology Partner

1.2. Account Family

1.2.1. Parent Account

1.2.2. Child Account

1.3. Hanwha ID

1.4. Hanwha Rep

1.4.1. dropdown from Hanwha

1.5. Contacts

1.5.1. Main Contact First Name Last Name Corporate email Country State/Province/Department CellPhone Phone # Access to STEP Portal (PRM) yes no WTB attribute yes no eLearning Courses Completed Wisenet Certification yes no Notes/Comments

1.5.2. Sales Contact same as above for all contacts

1.5.3. Eng. Contact

1.5.4. Mkt Contact

1.5.5. Other Contacts

1.6. Main Contact

1.7. Address

1.8. Website

1.9. Country

1.9.1. State/Province/Department City

1.10. Company Telephone

1.11. Sales

1.11.1. Sales Out (internal)

1.11.2. MSRP (external & Fed to PRM)

1.12. Opportunities

1.12.1. End-User Name End-User Contact

1.12.2. STEP Partner STEP Partner Contact

1.12.3. BOM List of products with MSRP and Qty

1.12.4. Opportunity Amount $ Calculated based on BOM or input from Sales Rep

1.12.5. Convert To Project A Project Registration has to be created through PRM to convert Opportunity Closed/Lost Reasons (text Box- Mandatory) Won Sold as Run-rate/Partner Discount

1.13. Projects

1.13.1. Fed Through PRM

1.13.2. Project Type Demo Regular

1.13.3. Distributor Option A Option B

1.13.4. Channel Partner

1.13.5. Project Onwer (Hanwha Rep)

1.13.6. Project Stage Pending - Registered but no action from Hanwha yet Approved – discounts are visible to Disty (discounts, owner, probability, assigned by Hanwha) Closed – Delivered 100% (POS report) Won/POS – Partial Delivery (POS Report) Lost – Information mandatory for closing (fed by Hanwha) to Competitor Project not realized Deleted (cannot be deleted from CRM for historical content but will not be visible to Disty or Integrator on STEP Portal Replaced by New Registration Registered by Error

1.13.7. End-User Name End-User Contact First Name Last Name Email Phone # End-User Country State/Province/Department

1.13.8. Cross-Region yes EU Region STEP Partner Region no

1.13.9. Estimated End-User Budget

1.13.10. Project Challenge and reason for special pricing request (text Box)

1.13.11. Estimated Close Date (calendar)

1.13.12. Installation Start Date (calendar)

1.13.13. Installation Close Date (calendar)

1.13.14. Project Valid Until (calendar) can only be edited by Hanwha in CRM

1.13.15. Roll-out Schedule All at Once 6 Months a year Phases

1.13.16. Additional Project Details Fed through PRM

1.13.17. BOM Fed Through PRM Item MSRP Discounted cost for Disty with Partner Level applied Additional Discount/Project discount Text box Cost of applied additional discount applied

1.13.18. VMS

1.13.19. ACS

1.13.20. Analytics

1.13.21. Audio

1.13.22. Other Hardware

1.13.23. Project Notes Status call log email log

1.14. Notes/Comments Text Box