The nature of technology: inside the cpu

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The nature of technology: inside the cpu by Mind Map: The nature of technology: inside the cpu

1. caché

1.1. Is a small amount of memory locarted in

2. robots

2.1. is a stand-alone hybrid computer system that performs physical and computational activities.

3. embedded processor

3.1. Is a type of computer or computer chip embedded in various devices.

4. microprocessor

4.1. are modern processors that are smaller

5. vision guided robotics

5.1. a robot fitted with one or more cameras used as sensors to provide a secondary feedback signal

6. Computer system

6.1. Is a set of equipment that works together to help you do useful work.

7. Central processing unit

7.1. It's job is to send or do all the procedures

8. Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU)

8.1. Does all the calculations in the computer

9. RAM

9.1. Is what sends the instructions to the storage

10. control unit

10.1. manages the work done by the CPU

11. drone

11.1. is a flying robot that can be controlled or fly by itself using a software-controlled flight plans in its embedded systems.