What Is Technology?

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What Is Technology? by Mind Map: What Is Technology?

1. What I Used To Think

1.1. just some means which made our life easier.

1.1.1. physical objects like computers, smart phones, television, air conditioner, etc... phone laptop

1.1.2. also softwares,interfaces (non physical) let us lead our professional life. . .

2. References

2.1. W. Brian Arthur's book ( 2009 ) The Nature of Technology: What It Is and How It Evolves, retrived from the link : "https://techliberation.com/2014/04/29/defining-technology/#:~:text=W.%20Brian%20Arthur,emphasis%20in%20original.) "

2.2. Isam (2009) explaning in simple terms retrived from the given link : "http://tojet.net/articles/v11i2/11222.pdf"

2.3. John Dyer 27 DECEMBER 2009 Retrived from the LINK given below:https://perma.cc/FV4Q-FNNC

2.4. Kevin kelly retrived from youtube given link :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS1xL1qcBa4

2.5. Chuck Tuck, Product Trainer at Evangalist retrived from the given youtube LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9CzjdrFgiY&t=31s

3. what changed my Thaughts

3.1. According to Chuck Tuck, Product Trainer at Evangalist, "Technology is knowledge or a set of rules that helps make things easier or resolve a problem. The PEN is one of the first few technologies that made it easier for humans to record and refrence to previous thaughts and actions. That technology was latter improved upon with the development of a printing press. This devise made it easier to mass produce the written word allowing broder access to the information."

3.1.1. Pen

3.1.2. A book

3.2. John Dyer said that “technology” is not just the phones in our pockets and the laptops in our bags. When we use these pieces of hardware we are taking part in something that affects us individually and socially. Ultimately, having a deeper more nuanced understanding of technology can make us more careful in our usage and more cognizant of the humanity. (John Dyer 2009)

3.2.1. Thus i now believe that TECHNOLOGY has truley been just us and our ways of getting our basic needs

4. What I Think, It Is Now...

4.1. As Isam said ""Human’s use of technology involves not only machines and instruments, but also includes structured relations with other humans, machines, and the environment. In short, technology is more than a collection of machines and devices. To go beyond simplistic intuitions about technology requires investigation of the human mind and socio-cultural environment as well as interactions with technological artifacts" (Isman, 2012, 208)"

4.1.1. As of now, after this I have realized that technology could never had been or is never going to be just some gadegets or softewares. It has always been US. Our desires of just some comforts, our purpose, our needs gave birth to the means of acheving it,which is called Technology from W. Brian Arthur' book The Nature of Technology: What It Is and How It Evolves, "Technology is a means to fulfill a human purpose. … As a means, a technology may be a method or process or device… Or it may be complicated… Or it may be material… Or it may be nonmaterial. Whichever it is, it is always a means to carry out a human purpose."(W. Brian Arthur 2009)

5. Why Do We Need New Technology

5.1. in order for us to progress more as in terms of a society and also as of a human race we need new technology.

5.1.1. A quite good thing about this race, about us is that even though our bellies are full we still would be worried, stiil asking questions of which we dont know the answer of. All we have to do is simply try to find those answers. Just as Kevin Kelly said "Technology is more than just stuff in your pocket more than just gadgets its actually a part of a very long story a great story that began billions of years ago and it moving through us in self organaization and we are extending and accelarating it and we can be part of it by aligning the technology that we make with it!!!"

5.2. New Tec. can also be helpfull against some modern problems