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Mind Map by Mind Map: Mind Map

1. Steps for writing a program

1.1. STEP 1: The computer scientist makes a list of step-by-step instructions for what she wants her program to do.

1.2. STEP 2: The computer scientist translates her instructions into a language (code) the computer can understand. Now the algorithm is a program.

2. Data

2.1. raw, unorganized facts

3. Analysis

3.1. organizing, describing, and understanding data

4. Network

4.1. NETWORKS are a group of connected devices (like computers, laptops, and servers).

5. Internet

5.1. The INTERNET is the worldwide network that connects millions of computers.

6. Computer

6.1. A COMPUTER is a device that stores and processes (changes, moves, or rewrites) information.

7. Computer Scientist

7.1. COMPUTING SYSTEMS , programming rules, data and analysis, networking, the internet, and how computers affect our lives.

8. What is computer science and what is not

8.1. All the examples in the IS NOT list only use technology, while the examples in the IS list create new technology.

9. Computing System

9.1. All the basic hardware (the parts you can see and touch) and software (the programs) that work together to make a computer run.

10. Algorithms and programming

10.1. algorithms A list of steps or instructions written in human language that tells a person how to complete a task.

10.2. programming A set of instructions (or an algorithm) that has been translated into commands a computer can understand (code).