What is computer science?

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What is computer science? by Mind Map: What is computer science?


1.1. add realistic visual and sound effects to movies and video games

1.1.1. Algorithms and programming Network are a group of connected devices (like computers, laptops, and servers). They share information, and may also share resources like a printer. The

1.1.2. programming involve writing the programs (code) that tell computers what to do. Programs can be very complex Internet is the worldwide network that connects millions of computers. Part of studying networks and the internet is figuring out

2. COMPUTER Scientist

2.1. creating a phine app (application or program) that allows friends to share funny cat videos with each other.

2.1.1. Steps for writing a programfor

2.1.2. The computer scientist makes a list of step-by-step instructions for what she wants her program to do.

3. What is computer science and what is not

3.1. doing your math homework on your school’s laptop. commenting on the latest picture your friend posted.

3.1.1. DATA

3.1.2. raw, unorganized facts

4. Computing System

4.1. Computing systems are the machines that run programs and process information. Examples are desktop computers, laptops, and phones.


4.1.2. organizing, describing and undertanding data