The Three Little Pigs

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The Three Little Pigs by Mind Map: The Three Little Pigs

1. Setting

1.1. pig's houses

1.2. countryside

2. Characters

2.1. Three Little Pigs

2.2. The mother pig

2.3. The big bad wolf

3. Problems

3.1. The wolf is trying to eat the three pigs

3.2. The three little pigs did not build their houses properly

4. Theme

4.1. The theme of this story is to not rush through your work just to be able to play

5. plot

5.1. beginning

5.1.1. The Three Little Pigs, the exposition would be that the three little pigs' mother wanted the pigs to go out and make their own lives for themselves. She packs them lunches and sends them on their way.

5.1.2. midlle Conflict: The tension or interest created in the story. In The Three Little Pigs, the conflict is that the big bad wolf wants to get inside the pig's homes to eat them. The wolf tells the pigs to open up and let him in or he will blow their house down. ending The three pigs became scared of the wolf, but the third pig had a brilliant idea, as he continued to move a little behind. There were a few unused bricks from the construction, lying on the ground. He took the bricks and hurled them at the wolf. Soon, all the three pigs started hurling the bricks. The bricks hit the wolf and he fell down in a state of shock.