Social Contract Theory

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Social Contract Theory by Mind Map: Social Contract Theory

1. Thomas Hobbes

1.1. Believe that the social contract was designed to invest absolute power in a ruler to govern citizenry

1.2. Freedom

1.2.1. Argued that freedom come about when humans where ruled by monarchy

1.3. Government

1.3.1. Believe in an absolute monarchy

1.4. Leviathan "state of nature"

1.4.1. All individuals were naturally equal

2. John Locke

2.1. Freedom

2.1.1. Believed that freedom existed when humans were alone

2.2. Believed that the social contract meant investing sone power in the hands of the muller, whose power would be used to protect his citizens' human rights.

2.3. Government

2.3.1. Agreed with a republic which the government only interfered in disputes b/w citizens

2.4. State of Nature

2.4.1. Unstable for humans with no common authority because it always led to the state of war when a crises emerge between the humans

3. Jacques Rousseau

3.1. Freedom

3.1.1. Thought that humans had freedom existed when humans created a new society

3.2. Government

3.2.1. Was a radical and trusted that a direct monarchy would be the best form of government

3.3. State of Nature

3.3.1. Believe that humans are initially good in state of nature but various circumstances forced human into society

3.4. Government attains its right to exist and govern by the consent of the governed