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Social Media by Mind Map: Social Media

1. Economics(consumerism, spending habits)

1.1. Spending habits of teenagers

1.1.1. Compulsive buying

1.1.2. Buy things we want, not need

1.1.3. Buy what's most 'trendy', no matter the price

1.1.4. Easily influenced to buy things by what we hear from celebrities and other means of social media

1.1.5. Really have no limit to how much we spend

1.2. How teen spending habits are influenced by social media

1.2.1. Social media websites Facebook Twitter Youtube Flickr Tumblr

1.2.2. Advertisments on social media websites

1.2.3. What celebrities are saying on social media websites Twitter

1.3. Economic's role in a teenager's life

1.3.1. Teens learn how to use money responsibly as they learn more about economics

1.3.2. They get jobs in which they have to manage the money they earn

1.3.3. Teens have to start buying stuff for themselves as they get older and stop relying on their parents

1.4. Social media's role in moden economics/advertising

1.4.1. Changed the way that companies had to advertise their products

1.4.2. Companies had to start putting ads on the social media websites that teens visit daily Facebook Youtube

2. Technology(smartphones, internet)

2.1. How does new technology impact my life?

2.1.1. New ways to do homework and makes it easier

2.1.2. Can have any information at the tip of our fingers and the click of a button

2.1.3. Can shop online

2.1.4. Can do schoolwork at home because teachers have webistes so we don't miss anything

2.1.5. Social Status Makes us seem cool if we have the latest version of the Iphone or Ipad

2.1.6. Can socializ with your friends online instead of in person

2.1.7. Send texts and messages to family and friends who may live far away so you can never really lose contact with them Faster than mailing letters because it reaches them almost instantly

2.2. Should devices be allowed in school?

2.2.1. If they are being used effectively and with the purpose of learning then yes

2.2.2. If they are being used to talk to other friends in the school and pointless conversations that you can have in person, or if they are distracing to other people in the classroom then no

2.3. What rules would I put in place to ensure students are good digital citizens?

2.3.1. Only allow them to have them out when a project needs to be done using them

2.3.2. Make them show their work to me by the end of class so that I know they got something done and weren't just taking advantage of being able to use them

2.4. Message to teachers

2.4.1. Students aren't all going to be willing to follow the rules, and there won't be a way sometimes to ensure that everyone does. But it will benefit many students and technology in classrooms should be enforced

2.5. How technology affects me

2.5.1. I can type up reports and homeowrk on the go with an Ipad so i don't have to be at home on my compouter. It makes it much easier for me

2.5.2. I can keep in touch with the family that lives farther away

2.5.3. I can be part of the "Facebook Community" and be up to date on everyone's lives, and they can be up to date with mine

2.5.4. Takes up a lot of my time, and I often get distractd with the internet when I should be doing homework or something along those lines Loads and loads of procrastination

3. Technology and Social Media: As a whole, technology has a huge part in the development of social media, I'm sure we can all agree on that. Without the creation of cell phones, computers and tablets, social media wouldn't even be a part of our world. There would be nothing we could use to access all the websites that we visit almost everyday, and without technology, our lives would be completely different now than they could be if there was no tchnology.

4. Economics and Social Media: Social media has changed the way that companies need to advertise their products, because television ads have stopped being as effective as they used to be. In order to get people aware of products they put advertisements up on social media websites where a lot of people can see them. Companies also have pages that you can 'Like' on Facebook so you can keep up to date on new products that they release. It has affected our spending habits now that we can make purchases online, and we have less restraint when it comes to buying prodcuts, in my opinion. We are easily influenced by the ads we see and the recommendations we hear.

5. Community(lifestyle, environment)

5.1. How has social media altered the way we view communities?

5.1.1. We view a community as something that is part of a social media website Facebook community Twitter community

5.1.2. We seperate ourselves from our community by being on these social media websites Techno-Isolation

5.1.3. We think that its alright to be seperated from our communities, when really we shouldn't be.

5.2. How has community changed because of internet in the past 20 years?

5.2.1. New technology and websites to communicate with people Facebook Twitter Cell phones

5.2.2. Advanced technological discoveries Cell phones with built in internet connection and social media apps Ipads, Ipods, Iphones Millions of applications in which you can communicate with others from across the globe Computers Google

5.3. How can we change the world using technology and social media?

5.3.1. Reach people from all around the world through internet and social media Create large groups of people who all want the same thing and can protest by using internet Grassroots Movement

6. Politics(Grassroots Movement)

6.1. What is grassroots politics?

6.1.1. Getting at first a small group of people to support a cause, and it eventually getting bigger and bigger

6.2. How does grassroots relate to social media?

6.2.1. You can reach people through social media websites to join a cause. Put posts about it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Make it known to a large number of people.

6.2.2. Usually nowadays social media is how we communicate with others, and is the most efficient way to make a large group of people aware of your cause.

6.3. How we can use social media to affect politics

6.3.1. Put our input into certain things through websites on the internet.

6.3.2. View different campaigns on websites and watch election videos on the internet.

6.3.3. We take online surveys all the time that has to do with our community

6.4. How politics uses social media to affect us

6.4.1. Politicians put their campaigns on websites where we can see them

6.4.2. They make it easier for us because we spend a lot of our time on our computers/phones, so it is a good way to reach us with their message

6.4.3. We can have talks with other people on social media websites and discuss the politics Facebook

7. Community and Social Media: Social media has affected the way we define what a community is, and in turn has also resulted us in isolating ourselves from the 'outside world' as we have practically become obsessed with our internet and technology. Yes, we can still talk to people through social media websites and what not, but its not the same because we aren't socializing with them person. People now don't really find a need to hang out with their friends outside of school because they can just text them and its like the same thing. No one spends as much time with their family anymore, they just trap themselves in their rooms and scroll through the internet.

8. Politics and Social Media: Politics is affected by social media because citizens now have new ways to keep up to date with the newest political events. We watch the elections on tv, and people in Canada can watch the U.S election because of the new advances in technology which has led to social media. We can participate in debates online through websites and hear other people's opinions regarding issues in our community, and can therefore develop our own opinions based off the ones we are told.