Canvas Analytics

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Canvas Analytics by Mind Map: Canvas Analytics

1. New Analytics

1.1. Weekly activities

1.1.1. Page views No. of users who access/view the page No. of participation Participations

1.2. Communication per student

1.2.1. Student message/responses

1.2.2. Instructor responses

1.3. Student grades

1.3.1. Quizzes Mean/average

1.3.2. Assignments Mean/average

1.4. Reports

1.4.1. Missing assignments

1.4.2. Late assignments

1.4.3. Excused assignments

1.4.4. Class cluster

1.4.5. Course activity

2. Quiz Statistics

3. Suggested Data Analytics

3.1. Participation

3.1.1. Time students spent when accessing pages

3.1.2. Log in time

3.1.3. Time spent on Quizzes

3.1.4. Time spent on Canvas discussions

3.1.5. Access/page views on Canvas discussions

3.2. performance

3.2.1. ungraded exercises The distribution of answer submissions

3.3. Page Views

3.3.1. List of users that have / have not assessed the pages.

3.3.2. Ability to display the item list as it is arranged in Module.

3.4. Outcomes