What the world should be

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What the world should be by Mind Map: What the world should be

1. Hobbes

1.1. Humans need to work hard to go good things to keep them corrupting the society.

1.2. goverments power over the people should not be forced they should want to be governed by them

1.3. main argument was between society and goverment.

2. Voltaire

2.1. All people should be equal

2.2. Churth and goverment are not above you to rule they are to help make society equal.

2.3. Liberty is a human right and huge suporter of freedom of speach

3. Locke

3.1. people should learn from mistakes made in the past

3.2. all people are born free and equal

3.3. demorcsy is the only form of goverment that will fufull the needs of the people

4. Montesquieu

4.1. France should be more like Britain

4.2. the King and ministers should hold power over laws

4.2.1. wrighting laws

4.2.2. inforcing laws

5. Rousseau

5.1. man is born free and he has the reins on everything around him

5.2. he means that you as a person have the right to control your surroundings

5.3. main argument was between free indaviduals creating a society and goverment