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Teaching ESL with "Casablanca" by Mind Map: Teaching ESL with "Casablanca"
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Teaching ESL with "Casablanca"


Rent from form youtube $1.99

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"Casablanca" Documentary from 1992 - part 1 of 2!

"Casablanca" Documentary from 1992 - part 2 of 2!

All About the Classic Movie "Casablanca"

ESL pieces

Movie trailer with vocabulary and script

Learning Guide for movie

Vocabulary, idioms, plot summary

World War 2

The Mediterranean and North Africa from itunes

Oliver Stone's Untold History 01: WW2

Oliver Stone's Untold History 02: Wallace and Truman

Oliver Stone's Untold History 03: The Bomb

Youtube clips




Song: As Time Goes By

Frank Sinatra

Casablanca - As Time Goes By - Original Song by Sam (Dooley Wilson)


Movie Clip: Ingrid Bergman


Impact of movie