Decision to cooperate

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Decision to cooperate by Mind Map: Decision to cooperate

1. Person A

1.1. Needs

1.1.1. Motivation Goal A Final goal Intermediate goal

2. Planning

2.1. Estimation

2.1.1. Energy input Simplicity Principle of least effort

2.1.2. Risks

2.1.3. Chances

2.1.4. Priority

2.1.5. Prize

2.1.6. Reachability

2.2. Path to goal

2.2.1. Alone Pro 100% of the prize Con 100% of the risk Moral character Greed Miser Anxiety Altruism Skills Tools Knowledge

2.2.2. Group Goal of group Commonalities Differences Regulations Agreement Norm Institutions Hierarchy Trust Tolerance Sharing Coordination Communication Pro Risk devided Prize bigger Less energy Con Sharing Dependent

3. Science

3.1. Evolutionary biology

3.1.1. Co-operation (evolution)

3.2. Social science