Net Negative

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Net Negative by Mind Map: Net Negative

1. Alternative Energy Portfolio

1.1. Sourcing new power

1.1.1. Locally produced? On site production

1.1.2. Smart Grid What are PCs options?

1.2. Green Tech Center

1.3. RECs?

2. Reduction

2.1. Behavioral Change

2.1.1. Education Inspirational Speaker Series Low Carbon Diet PCSD Individuals Business Involvment Save Our Snow Plan What should be implmented Slower Living Academic/Institutional Partnerships

2.1.2. Economic Incentives Endowment voluntary carbon tax Crowdsourcing? Big Fish Amount? Energy Audits Who would manage? Who would fund Retrofits Rebates Revolving Fund

2.1.3. Regulation Determining Government's Role Determining Buisiness Participation New Legislation State's Reaction Implementation Enforcement

2.1.4. Competitions Community Goals vs. Other Cities/Towns What are other towns doing? Local Contest for Grants Eco Awards School Contests

2.1.5. Reducing Reliance on Cars Put it Away for the Day Walkability efforts Expansion of Alternative Transportation New modes Taxi Management

2.1.6. Slow Down

3. Sequestration

3.1. Plant Trees

3.1.1. Where?

3.1.2. What type?

3.2. Tech Solutions

4. Export

5. Big Questions

5.1. Scope

5.1.1. Sphere of Influece?

5.2. Structure

5.2.1. 501(c)3 vs FOIF

5.2.2. Other non-profits

5.3. Leadership

5.3.1. Spokeperson

5.3.2. Exec Board

5.3.3. Sub-committees

5.3.4. Employee(s)

5.3.5. HQ

5.4. Funding

5.4.1. Determine Budget

5.4.2. Starting Funds?

5.4.3. Fundraising?

5.5. Priorities

5.5.1. Starting Points Setting goals & benchmarks

5.5.2. Low Hanging Fruit

5.5.3. Timeline

5.6. Messaging

5.6.1. Save Our Snow 3.0 Net Negative

5.6.2. Need Marketing Help

5.6.3. Channels