Research Data

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Research Data by Mind Map: Research Data

1. 5 Stars - W3C model

2. Citation

2.1. Amsterdam Manifesto (projet Force11)

2.2. Recommandations

2.2.1. Sciences dures DataCite Partnership of data centers to assign persistent identifiers to datasets (initially using DOIs)

2.2.2. Sciences Sociales ICPSR DataPass

2.3. Ball A, Duke M: How to Cite Datasets and Link to Publications. Edinburgh: Digital Curation Centre; 2012.

2.4. Poster-ANDS-Citation des données

2.5. A Proposed Standard for the Scholarly Citation of Quantitative Data

3. Certification/accréditation des entrepôts de données

3.1. Open Data certificates

3.1.1. ODC questionnaire 4 niveaux de certification

3.2. Projet PREPARDE

3.2.1. Whyte, A.; Callaghan, S., 2013. Perspectives on the Role of Trustworthy Repository Standards in Data Journal Publication. IASSIST. Cologne - Allemagne: 2013/05/31.

3.3. Data Seal of Approval

3.4. European Framework for Audit and Certification of Digital Repositories

3.4.1. Basic - Extended - Formal

3.5. Trusted Digital Repository : 3 niveaux de certification

3.6. 1. Doorn P, SDillo I, Van Horik R: Lies, Damned Lies and Research Data: Can Data Sharing Prevent Data Fraud? 8 2013.

3.7. Notion de réplicabilité

3.7.1. Reproducibility Initiative

3.7.2. Vlaeminck GRF, Sven: Data Management in Scholarly Journals and Possible Roles for Libraries – Some Insights from EDaWaX. Liber Quarterly The Journal of the Association of European Research Libraries 2013, 23(1):48-79.

4. Peer-Review

4.1. White, J.W.; van Evert, F.K., 2008. Publishing Agronomic Data Agronomy Journal, 100 (5): 1396-1400. 10.2134/agronj2008.0080F (objective of this paper : propose mechanisms for peer-reviewed publication of agricultural sets)

4.2. Lawrence, B.; Jones, C.; Matthews, B.; Pepler, S.; Callaghan, S., 2011. Citation and Peer Review of Data: Moving Towards Formal Data Publication. International Journal of Digital Curation, 6 (2): 1-34.

5. Qualité-Structuration-Formatage des jeux de données

5.1. Green T: "We Need Publishing Standards for Datasets and Data Tables”. OECD Publishing White Paper. In: OECD Publishing. OECD 2010: 1-29.

5.2. Research Data MANTRA (Management Training)

5.3. Data Documentation Initiative

6. Publication des données

6.1. Motivation

6.1.1. Réutilisation des données par d'autres

6.1.2. Citation des données indépendamment de la publicaton

6.1.3. ... etc

6.2. Data Paper

6.2.1. Data Journals Editeurs Pensoft Exemples GigaScience Datasets Papers in Ecology F1000Research  : bouleverse les canons de l'édition scientifique Cycle - processus de dépôt How to submit a data paper ? (Guy, M., & Duke, M. (2013, mai 31). The Rise of the Data Journal. Présenté à IASSIST, Cologne, Allemagne. Consulté à l’adresse Whyte, A.; Callaghan, S., 2013. Perspectives on the Role of Trustworthy Repository Standards in Data Journal Publication. IASSIST. Cologne - Allemagne: 2013/05/31.

6.2.2. articles pertinents / définition Chavan, V.; Penev, L., 2011. The data paper : a mechanism to incentivize data publishing in biodiversity science. Bmc Bioinformatics, 12 (Suppl. 15. n°2). Kunze, J.A.; Cruse, P.; Hu, R.; Abrams, S.; Hastings, K.; Mitchell, C.; Schiff, L.R., 2011. Practices, Trends, and Recommendations in Technical Appendix Usage for Selected Data-Intensive Disciplines.

6.3. Enriched publication

6.3.1. Journaux classiques Sharing Policy Etudes diverses Etude JoRD : voir traduction rapide DLH : Preparde ANDS EDaWax (domaine Economique). Vlaeminck, G.R.F.; Sven, 2013. Data Management in Scholarly Journals and Possible Roles for Libraries – Some Insights from EDaWaX. Liber Quarterly. The Journal of the Association of European Research Libraries, 23 (1): 48-79. Etude - Sciences exactes Stodden, V.; Guo, P.; Ma, Z., 2013. Toward Reproducible Computational Research: An Empirical Analysis of Data and Code Policy Adoption by Journals. PLoS ONE, 8. 10.1371/journal.pone.0067111 (cf. résumé / Diigo) critères - Pts critiques Peer review Hébergement Archivage pérenne Paternité - Authoship Liste - Répertoire Journal-open-data-policies - Liste Wiki OAD

6.3.2. Documents pertinents Reilly S, Schallier W, Schrimpf S, Smit E, Wilkinson M: Report on integration of data and publications. In. Edited by Exchange OfD: s are beginning to embrace the opportunity; 2011.

7. Identifiant

7.1. DOI

7.2. ARK

7.3. PURL

7.4. Datacite

7.5. EZID

7.5.1. EZID: Long term identifiers US- California University

8. Propriété-paternité-droit

8.1. Couture, M., 2010 La diffusion et le partage de l'information scientifique. Propriété intellectuelle et université. Chapitre 7 : pp. 1-24.

8.2. Open Data Commons (à l'image des CC)

9. Evaluation

9.1. Altmetrics

10. Dépôt

10.1. Data - Data set Objet indépendant

10.1.1. Entrepôt / repository Git(GitHub) NCBI Geo Scientific Data (Nature) FlowRepository (annotated flow cytometry datasets associated with peer-reviewed publications) Spidlen, J.; Breuer, K.; Rosenberg, C.; Kotecha, N.; Brinkman, R.R., 2012. FlowRepository: A resource of annotated flow cytometry datasets associated with peer-reviewed publications. Cytometry Part A, 81A (9): 727-731. 10.1002/cyto.a.22106 Figshare Hahnel, M., 2012. Figshare: a new way to publish scientific research data. Thaney, K., 2013. Figshare announces new partnership with the Public Library of Science. DataOne (US) Disciplinaire Pangeae Dataverse Dryad Institutionnel

10.1.2. Listes - Répertoires - Bdds Data Citation Index - Thomson Liste d'entrepôts Open Data Directory Data Repositories - Liste Wiki OAD

10.1.3. Recommandations / entrepôt Callaghan S: Guidelines on recommending data repositories as partners in data publication. Draft guidelines, version 7 (8 july, 2013) Preparde Project.2013. World Data System - ICSU, 2011. Certification of WDS members. 1-5 p.

11. Rôle des institutions

11.1. Développer la culture du partage et de la publication des données

11.2. Collaborer avec les entrepôts

11.2.1. Exemple : UK Data Archive + University of Essex

12. Comportement / Chercheurs

12.1. Freins, obstacles ...