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Men's Retreat by Mind Map: Men
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Men's Retreat



4:30-5:30pm Registration

5:30-6:45pm Dinner, Teams sit together, Emcee welcome, Ice breaker, Pick sports, Get Shirts, Design Logo and Order Shirts from Larry.

7:00pm Meeting, Worship (30 min.), Rite of Passage Intro (30 min.), Find out who is doing Rite of Passage., Set up a time for dads to meet with Pastor John., David C. Part 1 (45 min.), Ministry Time?


7:30am Prayer

8:00am Breakfast

9:00am Meeting, Worship (15 min.), David C. Part 2 (45 min.)

10:00am Volleyball, Team Pictures, Recruit a Photographer - Rich?

12:30pm Lunch, Discussion Questions, Get these from David C.

1:30pm Round 2 Events

2:30pm Round 3 Events

4:15pm Free Time

5:30pm Dinner, Sit with Team, Awards Ceremony

7:00pm Meeting, Worship (20 min.), David C. Part 3 (45 min.), Rite of Passage (60 min.)

9:00pm Clean up

11:30am Round 1 Events

3:30pm Trivia


(5) Individual Event Winners

(6) Team Event Winners

(Tee-shirts) Volleyball Team

(Polos) Winning Team

cheap polos!!!


Cutting Back Events

No Trivia

No Triathlon

Using Dinner Time assign sports awards

Friday afternoon Golf

Bryan Z. organize

tee-time 1pm


Sodas and Water

Candy and Snacks


Recruit Sound Team

Confirm Band

Laptop & Projector