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Chapter 3 + 4 by Mind Map: Chapter 3 + 4
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Chapter 3 + 4

Chapter 3-Acceleration and Newton's 2nd Law

Newton's 2nd law-Acceleration

Acceleration=rate of change of velocity

Velocity=rate of change of position

SI units, Force=N, Acceleration=m/s2

Average Acceleration, Change in velocity/Change in time

Instantaneous Acceleration, Limit of Change in velocity/Change in time


Average Velocity, Change in positon/change in time

Instantaneous Velocity, Limit of change in positon/change in time

Position vs. Velocity, rise/run

Position and Displacement

Position=Direction+Distance, Origin=reference point

Displacement=Change of position vector, final position vector-initial postion vector

Chapter 4-Motion with a changing velocity

2 Essential relationships

Change in velocity over a period of time= acceleration x elapsed time

Average Velocity=1/2(final+initial velocity)x change in time

Other Relationships

-Velocity with a +Acceleration=Decreasing Speed

+Acceleration=Increasing velocity

Increase in speed=positive velocity and acceleration

Motion Diagram

Shows the positon of an object at certain time intervals

Free Fall

Apparent weight=0



Sum of forces: N+mg=ma

Angle of elevation, angle of initial velocity above horizontal

Rebecca Harman-Physics 110