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Plants by Mind Map: Plants

1. Desert

1.1. Leaf Features

1.1.1. Waxy cuticle

1.1.2. Small leaves

1.2. Roots

1.2.1. shallow to get water before it evaporates

1.2.2. spread over a wide area to collect water

2. Rainforest

2.1. Leaf Features

2.1.1. Dark Green leaves

2.1.2. Large leaves

2.1.3. Drip tips

2.2. Roots

2.2.1. wide to anchor for stability

2.2.2. shallow to gather nutrients from the forest floor

3. Diciduous forest

3.1. Leaves

3.1.1. Large green leaves in the summer

3.1.2. Loses leaves to protect tree from freezing in the winter

3.2. The plants in this region deal with changing seasons

4. Invented Plant - Daisy Cactus

4.1. Roots

4.1.1. Short shallow roots to grab water from surface when it rains

4.2. Leaf Features

4.2.1. Only opens stomas at night to to protect from loss of moisture

4.2.2. Wide ridges for storing water