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Digital Library Resources for Instructors by Mind Map: Digital Library Resources
for Instructors
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Digital Library Resources for Instructors

Instructors: welcome to the Pearson Digital Library!

We're very excited that you have decided to use the Pearson Digital Library and we want you to have a positive experience using it. Below you'll find lots of resources to get you up and running.

Come to our Community. We created a blog specifically for instructors. Click here to come see what we're talking about!

User Guides

Instructor Digital Library User Guide

Student Digital Library User Guide

Video Help

General Overview videos (Instructor and Student)

Introducing the Pearson Digital Library

Lower the cost of textbooks with the Pearson Digital Library

Sled Cats

Getting Started videos (Instructor and Student)

How To Get Registered for the Digital Library, Use an Access Card to Register, Register Using an Online Purchase

How to Access an eText from Your Digital Library

How To Access Your MyLab from within the Digital Library

How to Take Notes

How Instructors Share Notes with Students

Online Help

Click here to go directly to the Help link you'll see inside the Digital Library (upper right corner).

Online Help Guide in "Page Turn" format (same help as above, but in a somewhat more user-friendly 'online book' format).

Virtual Training Webinar Sign Up page

Sign here to register for one of our online training sessions!

Student Support!

Our primary method of answering your student questions is our 24/7 Pearson online support or call: 888-433-8435


We'll be monitoring twitter often for any comments or feedback about the Digital Library. We can't guarantee we'll be as quick in getting back to you as our 24/7 line, but f you use twitter, send us a tweet using the hashtag #dlhelp, Example: I can't figure out how to see my instructor's notes #dlhelp


Students are invited to visit our Facebook page

The facebook page will contain all kinds of video resources, as well as the opportunity for students to help other students with Digital Library questions.