Material Learned in Course

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Material Learned in Course by Mind Map: Material Learned in Course

1. Political. social, and enviornmental purposes of public education

2. discrepancies with equality in public schools

3. Children in school divide themselves from diversity in schools.

4. Truth is what is ultimatly sought after for children.

5. Media and how it elicits socialization and behavior.

6. Words are power

7. Ethnicity, race, and social standards effect education.

8. America's stagnant and bland educational system

9. It is the teacher who can produce a student who can learn then teach.

10. Family and peers effect childs growth in school.

11. America's outline of success is a title, power, and wealth.

12. Strict scheduale will supposedly have all that needs care taken care of

13. Due to intense diversification, children learn to stick with own race partly due to lack of social group interactions in the classroom/school.

14. differenciated way of teaching students.

15. School and education does not have to be "Hard Fun"