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Mind Map of SB 161 by Mind Map: Mind Map of SB 161

1. Education has 3 purposes

1.1. Political

1.2. Social

1.3. Economic

1.4. Remember that this is the why???

2. To some America is.....

2.1. Bias

2.2. Land of the Free

2.3. B.S.

2.4. Sedated

2.5. Trendy/Fads

2.6. Capitalistic

2.7. Just

2.8. Unjust

2.9. Priveleged place

2.10. Land of opportunity

2.11. Etc....list could go on and on

3. 3 Ways of Philosophizing

3.1. metaphysics - what is real?

3.2. epistemology - what is true?

3.2.1. This is left behind becuase people are to search for what is real and what is good and that is determined by evidence. Completely dismiss questioning existence and beauty.

3.3. Axiology(axioms) - what is moral/good?

4. Dogma - blindly accepted belief system

5. Hueristics(the rule of tumb) can(and may/will) lead to generalizations and stereptypes

6. By going to college(GCC) students are marginalizing themselves.

7. Education has 3 parts

7.1. Assessment

7.2. Curriculum

7.3. Pedagogy - learning theory

7.4. Remember that this is the what???

8. The population density in urban school bring about 3 variables

8.1. ethnicity

8.2. Race

8.2.1. Remember race is a social construction, meaning that it was thought of by society and was based on differences amongst different people.

8.3. SES - socioeconomicstatus.....a persons social class

8.3.1. When bring up the topic of SES are not talking about rich or poor!!!!!

9. Normal is relative.....depends on a situation that a person is in

9.1. Dualistic situations/thinking

9.1.1. People do things on the basis of whether it is right to do.

9.1.2. Some people have a duality about themselves and who they are???

10. Language is power and is a system of symbols

11. School House Rock painted a pretty picture of the American Revolution and left out a lot of important history prior to the revolution....Pre-Revolutonary history of America.....

11.1. Why did the colonist come to N. America???

11.2. Who inhabited N. American lands???

11.3. How were race relation between 3 important groups during this time period

11.3.1. Between white and black

11.3.2. Between white and red

11.3.3. Between black and red

11.4. Coming of Massachussets Bay Colony

11.5. Discovery of "stinking weed" - orinocco tobacco in 1610 by John Rolfe that changed race relations between the whites and the reds

11.6. Pequot Wars

11.7. King Philip's War/Metacom's War

11.8. Bacon's Rebellion

11.8.1. End product of the rebellion.....divide and conquer by using race slavery as an institution

11.9. Powhatan Wars

12. Difference between race and ethnicity

12.1. Race is externally defined by the differences among people.

12.2. Ethnicity is internally defined by how people see themselves and their culture.

13. Socialization - the life long social process that people experience to define who they are and how they fit into society

13.1. Different agents of socialization

13.1.1. Family

13.1.2. Friends/Peers

13.1.3. School

14. "Common good" - life, libery, property, and the pursuit of happiness is hard to establish because is determined by morality.

14.1. John Locke......natural rights

14.2. Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence......contradictory because applied to white elite males that had property. Very important becuase dismisses womens rights, rights of Native Americans, rights of African Americans, etc............................the rights of different peoples and groups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!