Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering student at Oklahoma State University.

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering by Mind Map: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

1. What is the problem? Is there a solution?

1.1. Yes

1.1.1. Are there better solutions? Yes Implement it. No No work.

1.2. No

1.2.1. What is the solution? Implement it.

2. Mechanical Engineering

2.1. Using physics and the chemistry of materials to design and manufacture a wide array mechanical tools to assist humankind.

3. Aerospace Engineering

3.1. Mechanical Engineering, specifically for machines that generate lift and propulsion while airborne.

4. How did I choose this path?

4.1. I enjoy critical-thinking activities.

4.2. I'm naturally inclined to mathematics and science.

4.3. I believe if I continue to use my mind and pursue a career that helps that, I will always be happy. And if I'm not happy, at least I will be interesting.

4.4. The path chose me.