My Learning Journey

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My Learning Journey by Mind Map: My Learning Journey

1. VAK

1.1. I am a Kinistetic Learner

2. Intelligence Wheel

2.1. My Intelligence Wheel

3. SOP

3.1. Our Class SOP

4. My Learning Brain

4.1. My Learning Hats


4.2. Specs

4.2.1. S - Is For See It

4.2.2. P - Is For Personalist It

4.2.3. E - Is For Exaggerate It

4.2.4. C - Is For Connect It

4.2.5. S - Is For Share It

5. The Detectives

5.1. The Verdict

5.1.1. Helga Hotley She killed him by, first preparing the date and what she will do, she entered the hotel at 18:07 Which conveniently enough was the date of the last love letter she sent to Mr.William, after she was in the hotel she swapped the needle he used to keep his blood sugar levels up with a needle filled with only water, this would mean he would go into a diabetic coma without his medicine and die because of heart failure.

6. The Dig

6.1. Slide 1

6.1.1. 21st Century Schools 21st Century Schools 21st Century Schools

6.1.2. 19th Century Schools 19th Century Schools 19th Century Schools