Effects of Spyware on the Family Computer

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Effects of Spyware on the Family Computer by Mind Map: Effects of Spyware on the Family Computer

1. Spouses

1.1. Abused women can't look for new jobs or make escape plans due to being watched.

1.2. Divorces

1.2.1. Evidence collected with Spyware by spouses for use in court is under review due to each state's/country's laws dealing with privacy issues and if the information is intercepted or stored how that is handled from a legal perspective. Federal Wiretap Act USA Only

1.2.2. Spouses are being put in jail for stalking because having Spyware on GPS devices and cellphone devices Large business in spyware products and devices. Businesss are making money from spouses who are insecure in their marriages

1.2.3. A February report by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that 92% of lawyers surveyed had seen an increase in evidence from smartphones the past three years, citing in particular text messages, emails, call histories and GPS location information.

2. New Technology Means New Responsibilities

2.1. Which software to use for your family? Net Nanny, Cyber Patrol etc.

2.2. Computers never stop running. They are always on whether a family knows it or not.

2.3. Costs to purchase and upgrade.

2.4. Rental computers and devices given to family members for work having Spyware Installed. Workplaces having your home data if you do any searches.

2.5. Families all using the computer for work and school and bringing files into the home on USB drives.

3. Lost of Trust Due To Lack of Privacy

3.1. Family Arguments

3.2. Family members will find new ways to use their computers without others knowing.

3.3. Counter-Surveillance

4. Spyware Put On The Computer by Family Members

4.1. Parents

4.1.1. Parents can protects children against potential pedophiles, cyber-bullies, abuse etc.

4.1.2. Gives parents a place to start dialogues with their children about issues/topics they might not bring up otherwise.

4.1.3. Internet Safety Rules.

4.1.4. Timed software put on the family computer to limit the usage.

4.1.5. Parents explaining and letting family members know that spyware is set up on the family computer and what that means.

4.1.6. Spyware sold to parents to spy on children also help marketers spy on the children.

4.2. Teenagers

4.2.1. May install games, instant messaging programs and file sharing programs that they are not aware of that contain spyware.

5. Loss of Information. You have to get a new computer for the family due to large amounts of spyware.

5.1. Finding a repair technician to fix your computer and not end up putting their own spyware on it, or stealing personal files

5.2. Computers sales increase when Spyware completely infests it

5.3. Uses your internet connection and could exceed your monthly plan.

6. Family Usage Personal

6.1. Families have to use computers for online banking, purchases, registrations, grocery delivery, library books, online courses. Due to family demands and time constraints families put all personal data on the home computer. There are at times no alternatives to be connected to the community.

6.1.1. Identify Theft Funds being taken from bank accounts. Families being completely brankrupt

6.1.2. Being targeted by companies unknowingly.

7. Good and Services

7.1. Household purchasers are given "free" technology such as free cell phones, family plans with spyware on them.

7.2. Companies that are trusted get family members to sign up on their sites and then use spyware to track purchases and information on the computer

8. Work from Home

8.1. Employers can get into the lives when employees are not working by spying on technology given to them to use for work purposes

9. Types Of Spyware That Effect Family

9.1. Commercial

9.1.1. Large Corporations install it. People you don't know. Usually to track purchases and transactions

9.2. Domestic

9.2.1. Family or Employer Installs it. Usaully to track behavior

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