Apparel Merchandising

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Apparel Merchandising by Mind Map: Apparel Merchandising

1. How did I get here?

1.1. Sociology

1.1.1. I hate Soc. so I took a "fun class called Innovation and Fashion Marketing and switched my major after that.

2. What can you do with Apparel Merchandising

2.1. With Apparel Merch. you can do several things a small list includes: buying, fashion editor, Advertising Copywriter, Textile Designer, Pattern Maker, Product Designer, Import/Export Specialist, Visual Merchdising, and many more

3. What do you want to do most with Apparel Merch?

3.1. MY top 3 things I would like to do with Apparel Merch. would be own my own boutique, become a buyer for a high end store, and/or do Visual Merchandising(store front designs)

4. Why do you want to do this

4.1. I want to do this because I really enjoy the fashion industry and I am not bored with fashion. It is fast paced and will always keep me on my toes which is how I like to do things.

5. How can you help people?

5.1. I think I could help people by showing them what flatters them and what is in fashion. If you dress in comfortable yet stylish clothes you will feel more confident about yourself. Some people may not think fashion is that important but everyone wears clothes so they are directly invovled with the fashion industry.

6. What other things can you do with this major?

6.1. With this major I am also minoring in Marketing so I will have a little more background in the business side than just the people who get a major in Apparel Merch.