Investment Banker

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Investment Banker by Mind Map: Investment Banker

1. Type of Invesment Bank/Specialty

1.1. Boutique Firm/Middle Market Bank

1.1.1. Mergers and Acquisitions

1.1.2. Capital Markets

1.1.3. Wealth Management

1.2. Bulge Bracket Banks

1.2.1. Trading

1.2.2. Mergers and Acquisitions

1.2.3. Capital Markets

1.2.4. Investment Management

2. Location

2.1. St. Louis, MO

2.2. Chicago, IL

2.3. Dallas, TX

2.4. NYC, New York

3. Specific Interests within Investment Banking

3.1. Mergers and Acquisitions for middle market corporations

3.2. Private Wealth Management for high-wealth individuals

3.3. Trading currency or commodities

4. Goals

4.1. Internship at boutique firm this sumer

4.2. Work for bulge bracket bank upon graduation

4.3. Receive MBA from top 10 business school

5. Questions of Finance Professionals

5.1. How do professionals maintain their ethics when dealing with large amounts of clients money?

5.2. How do professionals remain ethical while receiving performance-based bonuses?

5.3. Are stocks safe to invest in at this point in time?