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[G]olbal Warming by Mind Map: [G]olbal Warming
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[G]olbal Warming

[C]auses of Global Warming

[H]uman activities

Sharp rise in greenhouse gases, [E]nhanced greenhouse effect, [M]ore heat trapped, [R]ise in global temperature, Global Warming

[F]actors leading to rise in greenhouse emissions

[R]apid increase in use of fossil fuels

[L]arge-scale deforestation,forest fire(less CO2 absorbed from atmosphere)

[W]et rice cultivation(use of organic fertilsers)

[C]attle ranching (animals digestive processes)

[C]onsequences Of Global Warming

[M]elting ice and Rising sea levels

[S]atellite images show decreasing ice cover in polar regions

[S]cientists predict sea levels will rise about 1mm to 2mm per year

[L]ow-lying coastal countries become vulnerable

[E]stimated 100million perople threatened by possibility of flooding

[E]xtreme weather condition

[H]eat wave and [D]roughts, [H]ot and dry places experience more droughts, [H]igh temperature = [H]igh evaporation rates, [L]ess water vapour = [L]ess clouds =[L]ittle rain, [S]ignificant temperature results in high no. of deaths., [H]eat waves can also cause forest fire

[S]evere storms, [R]egions with wetter climates experience higher relative humidity as there is more evaporation, [R]ainfall increases, leading to floods, [W]armer ocean temperatures = [M]ore intense tropical storms, [M]ore major hurricanes form, flood and destroyhomes, industories and infrastructure

[I]mpact on plants and animals

[C]hanges in flowering patterns of plants and breeding patterns of animals

[E]ncourages rapid breeding of insects eg. mosquitoes

[A]nimals forced to migrate or threaened with extinction



Kyoto Protocol, [I]nteratonal treaty on climate change, [S]igned in Kyoyo, Japan Dec 1997, [C]ountries acceded to work towards reducing emissions of greenhouse gases


[I]mpose carbon taxes

[R]eplant/retain forests to absorb CO2

[I]ntroduce measures to save electricity

[R]educe use of chemical fertilisers containing nitrogen

[B]an use of CFCs


[S]witch off electrical appliances when not in use

[U]se public transport

[B]uy only non-CFCs products