Copy of The Commonwealth

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Copy of The Commonwealth by Mind Map: Copy of The Commonwealth

1. The British monarch as Head of the Commonwealth

1.1. There are no constitutional functions attached to the title of Head of the Commonwealth

1.1.1. but it remains crucial as the symbolic link uniting all member states

1.2. The Monarch is the outward and visible mark of the special relationship which exist between the member states

1.3. Members of the Commonwealth all recognise the Queen as Head of the Commonwealth

2. Presentation fo the Commonwealth

2.1. What is the Commonwealth ?


2.2. It is the world's oldest political association of sovereign states


2.3. It spans 54 countries, 6 continents and oceans


2.4. coutains 6 of the fastest-growing economies and is underpinned by an agreed framework of values

2.5. Chronology


3. Origins of the Commonwealth

3.1. its origins to the development of British colonial policy

3.2. In 884, the British polician Lord Rosebery called the Empire "a Commonwealth of nations"

3.3. The first meetings, knownas Colonial Conferences, began in 1887

3.4. In 1911, these were replaced by Imperial Conferences

3.5. In 1917, the Imperial War Conference recognised that "the constitutional relations of the component parts of the Empire

3.5.1. should be based upon a full recognition of the Dominions as autonomous nations of an Imperial Commonwealth"

3.6. Formal recognition of this fully independent status came with the passing by the British Parliament of the Statute of Westminster in 1931

3.7. The modern Commonwealth emerged from the movement of decolonisation of British colonies after the Second World War

4. The symbol of the commonwealth : the queen


5. Reinventing the Commonwealth

5.1. The Commonwealth today is a community based on a shared heritage

5.1.1. since most countries have a common language

5.1.2. similar legal

5.1.3. educational systems

5.2. Since the Harare Declaration, the Commonwealth has laid the stress on values and goals

5.2.1. such as good governance

5.2.2. respect for human rights

5.2.3. sustainable development

5.2.4. protecting the environment

5.2.5. improve the life of women

5.2.6. fighting crime

5.2.7. drug abuse and the spread of AIDS