Online Learning Design Theory

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Online Learning Design Theory by Mind Map: Online Learning Design Theory

1. Transformation theory combines constructivism and cognitivism to explain how we learn.

1.1. perspective of learner

1.2. conditions of communication

1.3. self-image of learner

1.4. process of the learning

1.5. situation encounterred during learning

2. Constructivist

2.1. situated learning

2.2. interaction

2.2.1. learner/content interaction

2.2.2. learner/interface interaction

2.2.3. learner/support interaction

3. Cognitive

3.1. cognitive style

3.1.1. field independent learner

3.1.2. field dependent learner

3.2. metacognition

3.3. motivation using ARCS model

3.3.1. intrinsic

3.3.2. extrinsic

3.4. learning style

3.4.1. assimilator

3.4.2. concrete/experience

3.4.3. abstract-conceptualizer

3.4.4. active-experimenter

4. Connectivist

4.1. learning is not under the control of the learner

4.2. integrates chaos, network, complexity, self-organization

5. Behavioralist

5.1. observable change shows learning