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Theories by Mind Map: Theories

1. Technology Theories

1.1. Media Ecology

1.1.1. Media is seen as an environment not as an institution

1.1.2. How media information and communication play a role in human life

1.1.3. Studies how media helps and makes out life easier

1.1.4. We may need to teach students how their life is affected by technology instead of leaving them to figure it out themselves. This includes teaching them benefits and possible dangers that media poses

1.2. SCOT

1.2.1. This theory suggests that human action shapes technology- opposite of media ecology

1.2.2. We must first learn how technology's role is society before we can understand technology itself

1.2.3. Technology succeeds or fails because of society but not based on its own merits.

1.2.4. It is a methodology that outlines how to study successes or failures or technology

2. Learning Theories

2.1. Contructivist

2.1.1. The key idea is that knowledge is built on existing knowledge

2.1.2. Learning is active and learners participate in their own learning

2.1.3. The students learn how to learn

2.1.4. Teaching Implications We can teach through complex projects Encourage students to experiment to learn Teaching is about teaching kids how to learn and construct knowledge

2.2. Connectivist

2.2.1. Learning involves making connections-- learning is active

2.2.2. Having networks that can allow you to know is more important than knowing itself

2.2.3. Personal learning is connected to organizations and this allows the person to stay up-to-date

2.2.4. Technology, in the form of social networking which can be used to create PLNs, plays a central role in learning.

2.2.5. Teaching Implications Teachers can teach students ways to find information on the internet and connect with people to gain knowledge

2.3. Cognitive Load

2.3.1. Is a part of information processing and talks about our working memory (WM) and long term memory (LTM)

2.3.2. WM is limited to holding 7 items temporarily until they are moved to LTM (unlimited capacity)

2.3.3. If too much information is presented too fast, the WM overloads and this inhibits the formation of schemas and this inhibts learning

2.3.4. Teaching Implication Provide information in meaningful chunks Students should use rehearsal to transfer information from WM to LTM Teaching should occur in a simple manner

3. Teaching Theories

3.1. TPACK

3.1.1. 3 primary forms of knowledge that interact and create other knowledge forms that truly represent technology integration in teaching

3.1.2. Content Knowledge (CK) is the knowledge of the material you want to teach

3.1.3. Pedagogical Knowledge (PK) is the knowledge of how to teach

3.1.4. Technological Knowledge (TK) is knowing how to use basic software such as Office.

3.1.5. At the intersection of all 3 primary knowledge forms in TPACK and this is the knowledge of true technology integration-- how and what technology to use!

3.2. Philosophy of Teachnology

3.2.1. Teachers all have a philosophy of teaching which is about their beliefs regarding teaching.

3.2.2. Philosophy of teachnology is derived from philosophy of teaching and includes the teacher's views of how technology should be integrated in teaching

3.2.3. Can be expressed in a written form and include technologies that the teacher has previously used and intends on using