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Nervous System: Basic Structure and Function by Mind Map: Nervous System: Basic
Structure and Function
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Nervous System: Basic Structure and Function

sensory neurons-transmit info from the bodys sensory receptors to the CNS

axon terminals-what axons branch out into and end at enlarged tops called neurotransmitters

axon- single extension that sends more nerve impulses

Brain and Spinal Cord- control center for the Body

CNS-integrates incoming info. & determines appropriate responses

PNS- Peripheral nervous syste- composed of all sensory receptors and nerves that communicate w/ CNS

PNS has 2 divisions- Somatic (controls voluntary skeletal muscle); Anatomic(controls involuntary smooth muscle, cardiac muscle

Sympathetic-"Fight or Flight"

parasympathetic-control rest & digest

Neurons- the structural functional units of the nervous system

Soma(cell body) - central region of the neuron

dendrites-neural extensions that recieve nerve impulses

Glial Cells- act as neural assistantsby providing structural support (entourage)

Oligodentrocytes- cells that produce the Myelin sheath (CNS)

neuroclemnocytes-cells responsible for producing myelin sheath (PNS), astrocytes- cells that form the blood-brain barrier

myelin sheath- wrapping around nerve fibers that insulate, protect, and support the neuron

nerve-bundle of axons

ganglion-mass of neural cell bodies

synapse- junction btw two adjacent neurons